Passover & The Week of Unleavened Bread

Celebrating Passover -

 Celebrating the Week of Unleavened Bread

   Leaven symbolizes iniquity, hypocrisy, fake, and false teaching. This feast symbolizes Sanctification and separation from evil. To celebrate this it is custom and tradition to go through your house and get rid of any food that has leaven or yeast in it and throw it out, bread, pancake mixes, baking powder etc..During this week you don't eat anything with leaven or yeast in it.

    Things you can do..most grocery stores carry Matzah in the Kosher section which can be used as a substitute for bread. It comes in a box and you can make it for bread. Not the flavored kinds...those are leavened.

      You can also eat rice cakes, tortilla chips, corn tortillas such as taco shells. Trisket crackers are unleavened, regular crackers are not.

     Check the ingredients of breads and crackers before you eat them. Regular tortilla and pita breads have leaven in them. However corn tortilla breads do not.

      If you have tips/suggestions people can eat during this time in place of bread please send them to me.