Top Ten Beasts of the Last Days
By Sherry Shriner

Ten beasts I keep running into, in the codes, in research, and in studying.

George Bush, Jr.- possible AC - has fake death code and "return."

Al Gore - possible AC - operates behind the scenes for now.

Javier Solana - Possible EU/Babylon AC

Hillary Clinton - instrumental in martial law and war against the saints. Possible AC,

Benny Hinn - possibly raises AC from the dead, False Prophet

Hans Van Kolvenbach - Satan's mouthpiece running everyone and everything behind the scenes.

Colin Powell - possible interim puppet

Maitreya - False Prophet - murderous freak Is Maitreya the Mabus of Nostradamus's prophecy? We know he was a false prophet himself, but he mentioned the arrival and coming of a Mabus and Maitreya fits the description.. He also predicted Mabus would die, and then shortly after his death a comet would hit the earth. If Maitreya is Mabus, then he is temporary, thus the "dry run" of a false messiah  I have been warning about that could happen. There are so many beasts right now it only makes sense that some are just going to come first, to precede the arrival of the main ones of Revelation 13.

Sananda - False Prophet - looks just like the "Jesus" painting Michelangelo painted and the church adopted.

Germaine - False Prophet - phony nail holes in his hands