The New Age of Disgrace
By Sherry Shriner

       The New World Order is upon us and there is no rock big enough to crawl under and wait for it to go away.  It is not going to, it is here to stay and it is the prophesied Satan-led end time deception that will seek to ultimately destroy mankind. The New World Order and the New Age Movement are synonymous, they work so closely together there is no difference between them.

       Where the New World Order has overcome and conquered the political realm for one world government, the New Age Movement has and is doing the same to religion.

       But what is the New Age and why is it a disgrace?  The New Age Movement believes and teaches that all that is, is God.  We are all divine, gods in ourselves.  They re-define Biblical atonement for At-one-ment, all is one, one is all.  New Age best-selling author Shirley MacLaine said in "Out on a Limb" (where she must have been when she wrote it) that "We are all god.  We just forgot it."  She claims that this is the best kept secret of the twentieth century.

      New Agers seek to accomplish a universal cosmic consciousness that will herald the beginning of a new human race, a new evolution of mankind in which this present age of worshipping God as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit must end and the beginning of a new age with "Lord Maitreya" the New Age Christ, must begin who will supplant the "false" teachings of Christianity.

      Its leaders point out that a great superhuman world teacher and leader is soon to come (Maitreya, Sananda or Germaine).  He will, they have declared, establish a glorious kingdom of man on earth in which all men will live in peace, harmony, and unity.  Possessing unparalleled wisdom and knowledge, and wielding marvelous psychic abilities, all the powers of the universe will be at his command.

     This leader will have realized his godhood supported by supernatural powers that Satan will give him to back up his claims.  He will be the first person acclaimed to have achieved full potential of godhood and the world will follow him. Some prophetic scholars claim that the Antichrist will not claim to be God in the classical Biblical sense, but a man who has achieved godhood.

       New Agers don't all refer to this coming Christ as Lord Maitreya, Sananda, or Germaine.  Some go ahead and call him Lucifer.  In fact, the most frightening aspect of the New Age is their adulation given to Lucifer who they describe as a "God of light and God of Good."  A teaching of Freemasonry to those who hold the 30th, 31st, and 32nd degree.

      For those who can't quite stomach Lucifer as the "Christ" the New Age offers a being called Sanat Kumera.  "Sanat" is obviously a thinly veiled reference to Satan. The change of spelling is to help shield those who are not yet ready to confess Satan as their Lord and Messiah yet accept the entire New Age agenda as one of their own.  Their time to "get ready" is running out however as the seconds tick for his temporary, historical, and prophesied appearance.  The beast whose number is 666 (Rev. 13).

      No date has ever been specified for the "Messiah's" expected time of arrival but many New Agers herald his coming as very soon in which a worldwide initiation process will be implemented called the "Luciferic Initiation" in which everyone will be taught how to obtain godhood under the Lord ruler's influence and leadership.

      According to the Tara Center's newsletter called "Network News" the most important message of Maitreya that his publicist Benjamin Creme publicizes is that this "Day of Declaration" will arrive soon, and all the world will announce his arrival as the Christ.  The blasphemous imitation of the true Christ of the Bible.

       It kind of chills your bones doesn't it?  That the entire world will worship Satan as God, the majority of them willingly. He will be more than a great political and military leader but also as the worshiped head of an official world religion of religious science.  The "Mother of Abominations" described in Revelation 17.  The term "Babylon" refers to blasphemous religions and this new official one will be no exception as it mandates self-worship rather than worship to the true God.  Those who refuse to worship Satan and themselves will become victim of the New Age's "purification process" in which true believers are already at the top of their list to be purified, a nicer term for what they really mean: murdered, killed, and assassinated.

      New Age spokespeople claim that the earth will soon undergo chaos, an international removal from the earth of all those who rebel against the coming New Age Messiah.  This "Christ" will be, as described by these New Agers, light years ahead of anyone else on earth who will teach marvelous new revelations bringing peace and prosperity to the world.  He will come as a savior, arriving just as the world is sliding into chaos and destruction to lead man into a bright, shining, glorious New Age.

     Creme insists that Maitreya will reveal himself only when mankind is ready and the world press is willing to publicize his arrival.  He indicates that this Maitreya is working patiently behind the scenes, preparing world leaders and politicians for his acceptance, waiting for his cue, bidding his time.

      This future chaos can be none other than the Antichrist's War on the Saints of the true believers from which the New Agers term as a time of transition, when all those with "negative vibrations" will be removed.  It also refers to the time during the Tribulation Period when all those who turn to the true Christ will undergo a time of persecutio when all those who refuse to worship him and receive his mark will be killed.  Notice how New Agers never use the words "killed" or "murdered" yet that is exactly what they mean.  New Age leader and author Ruth Montgomery says that those who rebel during this time will be sent to another planet to "rethink their attitudes." 

The New Age Agenda

       According to New Age philosophy and theology all religious practices and beliefs are fully acceptable, no matter how strange or bizarre as long as they do not profess a belief in a personal God such as true Christians do.  They aggressively object to any suggestion that any one religion or faith is the only way (except their own).  They portray Christians who believe that Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation as intolerant and biased who are committing idolatry by worshipping the "God of the past."

       New Agers preach that there is no personal God in heaven whom man should fear and obey.  That man is an evolving god and should follow whatever path he chooses.  What one needs to realize is that not all New Agers necessarily believe the same things, some don't even have an interest in the religious aspect of it but are more involved with the paranormal aspect of the movement.  The ones that should concern true believers the most are the New Agers who profess to be true Christians.  The ones who don't reject the Bible but claim they are simply correcting previous incorrect and false interpretations due to translation errors.  Because these are the ones in positions of leadership whose demonic influence is deceiving many, many people.

      Most New Agers will admit that Jesus Christ is a God, but claim He is no more a God than anyone else.  They don't refer to God as the same God a true believer loves, but as a universal or impersonal energy force that includes everything and is everything.

      According to Texe Marrs, author of "Dark Secrets of the New Age" "God" to the New Ager is either a he or she, a mother or father, god or goddess.  He said most New Agers teach that mother earth, the sun, the moon, and the stars, in fact all of nature can be worshipped as "God."  They teach that man can become a God once he realizes his potential and acts upon it.  The difference between Jesus and everyone else is that He realized and demonstrated the "Christ" potential that everyone has.  "Christ" being an office or a spiritual state of higher consciousness.  A term that can be applied to anyone who reaches an elevated state of consciousness achieving divine status.  A blasphemous teaching that we are all Christs-in-the-making and that "Christ consciousness" is attainable by all people.  In other words, man is a divine being whose realization of his potential to be a god must be awakened.

       When the disciples asked Jesus what would occur in the last days prior to His second coming He warned "...many shall come in My name saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many" (Mark 13:6).

       Marrs revealed that in analyzing this particular point of Scripture one can see that the word "Christ" in the original text is in italics, meaning it is not in the original Greek text from which we obtained the English version of our New Testament. Therefore, one can leave the term out of the text.  Thus it will read: "Many shall come in My name saying I AM."  The Greek word for "many" is polus, meaning "tens of thousands" or perhaps millions.  So the text should read, "Tens of thousands or millions will come in My name saying, "I AM" or, "I AM that I AM."  This is exactly what thousands in the New Age Movement are saying and there are approximately half a billion of them who are proclaiming their deity.  Jesus warned "Many shall come in My name saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many" (Matt. 24:5). Meaning also perhaps that many would be deceiving others that they too can become "Christ."

       What is most important for us to understand is that the glue that will hold the Antichrist's empire together is the universal acceptance of what the Bible calls "the lie" that man is God. Many will believe "the lie" and be initiated into Satan's kingdom and worship him as the Antichrist.  This is the same lie that Satan deceived Eve with. They will also claim that they, the Ascended Masters and their Annunaki forces are our creators. 

       It is the New Age Movement who serves as one of Satan's chief campaigner's to spread his deceit to pave the way for the Antichrist.  Johanna Michaelsen, author of "Like Lambs to the Slaughter" captures the essence of how "the lie" will spread:          

1  "Indeed, has God said...?"  The God of the Bible is untrustworthy.  Everyone knows the Bible is not  the inerrant, infallible Word of God.  It's full of lies and errors, rewritings, and mistranslations.  It means only what you choose it to mean.

 2.   "You surely shall not die!"  There is no such place as heaven, and there is certainly no such place as a literal hell!  Sin is a dangerous myth.  God punishes noone, and therefore you certainly don't need   a "Savior."  There is nothing to be saved from!  It doesn't  matter what you do or what you believe, as long as your sincere.  Death is not to be feared!  Shirley MacLaine's  "Higher Self" tells us so!  When your body ceases to show signs of  life you do not die; you merely release your Higher Self into the astral plane, where you will continue to learn, evolve, and grow even higher and higher.

3.  "You will be like God..."  You are not born with a sin nature. You are born perfect, divine in your essence.  Nothing mattersmore  than the nurturing and esteeming of yourself...Furthermore, and  most important to understand, God is not a personal God.  He is a Force.

4. He is a she; He is in All, and All is in him -  therefore everything is God, including evil. Therefore, there is no  "right"  and there is no "wrong."

      Today Satan is deceiving the world with the same pride and arrogance he used with Eve.  This same lie is what forms the basis of all occultism in general and the New Age in particular. Considering the source, one would think that occultists and New Agers would be a bit less enthusiastic about their beliefs. Unfortunately, that's not the case.

      Satan, who had said, "I will make myself like the Most High" (Isaiah 14:14), seduced Eve and now millions of others into joining his rebellion against the true God.  Of course when he promised godhood to Eve, that "father of lies" (John 8:44) had neglected to tell her that she would be a pretender, a grasper after godhood, and a rebel against the true God - and thus subject to His judgment upon all false gods (26).  Satan has never been known as a good loser, and it seems sadly true in this case that "misery loves company."  The best way for Satan to take revenge on God for casting him out of heaven is to destroy as many human beings as he can get his hands on (27).

      The consequences of becoming gods are very clear.  Jeremiah reminds Israel that the only true God is the creator of the Universe, and that He has declared that all who aspire to the status of being a god will perish.  He warned, "The Lord is the true God; He is the living God and the everlasting King.  At His wrath the earth quakes, and the nations cannot endure His indignation.  Thus shall you say to them, "The gods that did not make the heavens and the earth shall perish from the earth and from under the heavens" (Jer. 10:10,11).

      Millions of people are being drawn to the New Age belief that man is himself an evolving god and that the greatest love of all is self-love.  A religious philosophy that deifies man and which there is no such thing as a lost soul.

       Eastern Mysticism, a counterpart of the New Age, teaches that the self is God and that to declare our own potential as a deity, we can become a "God."  Yoga offers several meditation techniques where one can discover his or her true higher self. Following the acceptance of this mysticism into our culture we have inherited Gurus who each claim to be God himself and teach that each person can realize his own godhood through their teachings. 

       A guru is a person who has already been initiated into the spiritual world and is therefore able to help the unitiated.  One well known Guru, Sai Baba, has twenty million followers alone. If it wasn't deceiving so many people, it would be laughable. Yet this movement has creeped its way into our world with unresisted acceptance because it uses terms people can identify with and be confused by as "Christian."  The real meaning of New Age terminology however, is abhorrent and blasphemous to Biblical theology.

      They contend that Buddha, Muhammad, Confucius, Jesus, and many others were "Christs" but one greater than all of them will soon come to usher in the New Age.  To the discerning Christian, this coming New Age Christ is, in fact, the Antichrist.  New Agers define angels as Ascended Masters, Masters of Wisdom, Spirit Guides, Inner Guides, and One's Higher Self which are collectively called the "hierarchy."  These entities are not angels but fallen angels, what we call aliens and some are even just demons.  New Agers use the term "born again" to mean a personal or planetary transformation and healing.  The point when a believer "lets go" and allows his Higher Self or Inner Guide to guide and direct his or her life.  In other words, inviting demonization as a counterfeit indwelling of the Holy Spirit.  The "second coming" is the appearance on earth of their New Age Messiah and his hierarchy of demons from the spirit world.  They interpret heaven and the kingdom of God as a spiritually cleansed and purified earth in which mankind has achieved Christ consciousness realizing his inner godhood.  An age when heaven and the kingdom of God are realized on earth brought about by the purification process. They deny the existence of hell, judgment, sin, and that evil exists.

     The New Age Plan

        Like many other "one world" groups, New Agers look forward to the elimination of existing political systems and national boundaries.  They are prepared to welcome the subsequent blending of all nations and peoples into planetary culture, with a single court of justice, a single police force, a single economic and education system - all under a single government dominated by a super-bureau of what the call themselves, "enlightened ones".  As Jesus Christ had twelve disciples, it is not presumptuous to think that the Antichrist will also have twelve appointed leaders to operate his one world government with him as its top "Christ." It is the Ascended Masters, or even Ashtar Command that could possibly lead this coming council.

        In the New Age there will be no separation of church and state.  Even today, many United Nations leaders are avid New Age followers who have established their own New Age meditation center in the United Nations building.  It has become an international debacle with many of our heads of state, congressmen, and leaders of countries and nations becoming faithful followers of this movement.  In fact, it is almost becoming synonymous with those advocating one world government or New World Order on the world scene today. The New Age Movement is influenced and supported by influential leaders (such as Queen Elizabeth II, John D. Rockefeller, George Bush, Bill Clinton) all over the world and discriminates against no one.  However exempted from its ranks and membership are those who do not and will not reject true, historic, Christianity.

        The New Age Movement is best understood as a network of    organizations and individuals bound together by common values and a common vision.  They speak of peace, purification and unity.  

      New Age leaders know that only if they are able to undermine credibility of the Bible, discredit it, and weaken the Christian church will they be able to fulfill the ascension of power of their New Age Messiah and the establishment of one world religion and one world government.  The horrible truth about this movement is that they do not want to compete with Christianity, they want to destroy it.  They seek to replace it with the religious system described in Revelation 17: Mystery, Babylon The Great, The Mother Of Harlots And Abominations Of The Earth.  To attack the Christian believer by mocking the Bible is common among New Agers who at the same time infiltrate churches as pastors, priests, and other titles of leadership to promote its well-disguised occultic doctrines.

      In a New Age there is no tolerance for true Christianity. Michaelsen says, "In New Age thought traditional Christianity blocks the evolution of the human race, threatening the global unity necessary for racial survival.  "Unity" is the password of the day.  Unity at all costs; unity at the expense of truth.  Those who stand in the way of "unity" - especially religious unity - are increasingly being viewed with a hostile eye, for these "narrow-minded disrupters" are seen as standing in the way of the establishment of the peace and the very survival of the entire planet.  Those people (such as Fundamentalist Christians) who insist on maintaining their "archaic and provincially orthodox" beliefs and literal interpretations of Scripture must either learn to become "open-minded" and blend in or else risk being eliminated -entirely."

      As Michaelsen said New Agers find it difficult, if not impossible, to tolerate "narrow minded" people.  You could say that they themselves are somewhat "narrow-minded" about accepting "narrow-minded" people...at which point we might conclude that these "open-minded" people are somewhat less "open-minded" than they would like us to think.  It simply will not do to declare we must all unite in a mutual, open-minded and global love, acceptance, and tolerance of one another while all the while plotting the deliberate and untimely demise of those who don't agree.  Their plan to eliminate these Christians will indeed become reality as prophesied in Revelation 13.  It is well Biblically prophesied that Christians who refuse "to go along with the program" will be killed during the Tribulation Period. Today's Christians, as often misinterpreted are not against peace, we are all for it.  But we are against the New Age ideas for obtaining it and certainly against their plans for a Luciferic Initiation into their New Age blasphemy nightmare.

     Although most New Agers would deny any involvement with Satanism, they are invariably one in the same with many more similarities than differences.  Dr. Michael Aquino, High Priest and founder of the "Temple of Set," declared on the Oprah Winfrey show in February of 1988, undoubtedly startling many New Agers that Satanism and the New Age are basically the same.  Michaelsen said "I suspect that quite a few New Agers are going to be dreadfully surprised to discover someday that their Lucifer, Pan, Sanat Kumera, Higher Self, and Lord Maitreya are in reality just different monikers for one being and that the Satanists have been worshipping him all along. 

       To accomplish its insidious and perverse objectives, the leaders of this new religion have set forth a New Age Plan which they call  The Divine Plan or simply The Plan, designed by none other than the master of deceit, Satan himself dictated to humans by "Ascended Masters."  You should know, if you are a Christian - a Bible believing Christian who believes in the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ the Son of God  - that you are a primary target of The Plan. In fact, the only thing that stands between Satan and the successful implementation of this global blasphemy of one world religion and government is you and the other determined Christians throughout the world who stand against them.  This is why the defeat and conquest of Christianity is their number one priority.

       Direct frontal assault on Christianity is no longer Satan's style because he knows it will only make the church stronger. Instead, he has mastered a three-stage plan to take over the Christian church.  Discredit, infiltrate, and deceive.  To discredit it he knows he has to undermine belief in Jesus and discredit the Bible.  Therefore publish new Bibles to discredit the King James Version and accomplish the successful infiltration and subversion of our Christian Churches from within.

      Satan doesn't want to literally destroy the church he wants to keep it intact.  What he does want is the hearts, minds, and souls of everyone in them.  Today Christian leaders are introducing New Age oriented messages and twisting and manipulating Scriptures to show that the New Age is compatible with Scriptural teachings.  These same churches are becoming little more than entertainment centers where the rally cry for someone to obtain more material possessions is to give more money to the charlatans leading them. "Give more, get more" is the theme of the wolfs today.

      To bring this prophesied anti-God religious system to reality in the last days, Satan has concocted a thirteen-point Master Plan called The Plan which was given to New Agers during sessions where Ascended Masters spoke to them by telepathy or channelling.  There are over 500 million daily who reportedly have regular contact with these beings.  Many of these demons have books on Best Seller Lists using various individuals to publish their Satanic messages to the world.  Author Texe Marrs revealed the chilling plan for world domination in "Dark Secrets of the New Age" in practical numeric form:


1.  The principal aim of The Plan is to establish a One world, New Age religion and a One World political and social order.

2.  The New Age World Religion will be a revival of the idolatrous religion of ancient Babylon in which mystery cults, sorcery, and occultism, and  immortality flourished.

3.  The Plan is come to fullness when the New Age Messiah the Antichrist  with the number 666 comes in the flesh to lead the unified New Age World Religion and oversee the new One World Order.

4.  Spirit guides (aliens and demons) will help man inaugurate the New Age and will  pave the way for the Antichrist, the New Age man-god, to be acclaimed by humanity as the Great World Teacher.   

5.  "World Peace," "Love," and "Unity" will be the rallying cries of the New Age World Religion.

6.  New Age teachings are to be taught and propagated in every sphere of society around the globe.

7.  New Age leaders and believers will spread the apostasy that Jesus is neither God nor the Christ.

8.  Christianity and all other religions are to become integral parts of the New Age World Religions.

9.  Christian principles must be discredited and abandoned.

10.  Children will be spiritually seduced and indoctrinated and the classroom used to promote New Age doctrine.

11.  Flattery will be employed to entice the world into believing that man is a divine god.

12.  Science and the New Age World Religion will become one.

13.  Christians who resists The Plan will be dealt with.  If necessary they will be exterminated and the world "purified."


       This Plan fully  intends to fill our churches with what they call "Cosmic Christians" - people who pretend to be Christians, but are in fact followers of Satan who are sent to disrupt and destroy the church.  And not just in our churches, anyone can see a big part of that taking place on the Internet today in "Christian" circles.

      In fact, New Age leaders are convinced that they will destroy the Christian churches of America  without a whisper of protest from the millions of Christians in those churches. And to a large part, many have succeeded already.  What's more, they believe that their takeover of Christianity will be welcomed by most Christian ministers and laymen.  Their victory, these New Age leaders say, will come as Christians abandon their current outmoded doctrines en masse and enthusiastically adopt those of the New Age!  The Orthodox Jewish faith is also a target, with its belief in God Almighty and the primacy of the Old Testament.  The New Age truly believes that its current campaign of  subversion and undermining of Christian doctrine will result in their total victory. And for a large part it has. How many would declare Ecumenical unity or Charismatic faith healings as New Age? Most people keep waiting for the wolves to show their ugly heads for what they are so they will be easily spotted as they sit in these same wolves congregations week after week! They can't recognize them for what they are!

     Most in the New Age do not announce they are part of the New Age. Many pastors and church leaders once loyal to the Most High have switched allegiances to Lucifer and have introduced new doctrines, teachings and practices into the churches over the past 10 years claiming them as Scriptural. Even yet many are Jesuits, Knights of Malta, or Masons working side by side with the New World Order agenda and an even bigger percentage of them were sent in directly by the New World Order to begin with to infiltrate, corrupt, and lead the churches astray. How many understand that Billy Graham, Bob Jones, Kenneth Copeland, Pat Robertson, Benny Hinn and the rest of the popular TV rat pack are 32nd degree masons or Jesuits working directly for the Black Pope himself  through the Roman Catholic Church to lead Yahweh's people away from Him? Not to Him, away from Him.

      We are heading into a perilous time of apostasy, hatred, deceit, and persecution.  Are you ready?