Will Satan Create His Own Fake Rapture?
By Sherry Shriner

      Is there really a fake rapture coming or is it just disinformation to get people to think a fake rapture is coming so when the real one does everyone rejects it?

      There has been information coming from government black project programs that the Illuminati is planning to have it's own rapture via UFO's to mimmick their own rapture right before their god..i.e. the Antichrist comes to earth. In fact before I got into the codes to see what they had to reveal I was working on the premise that there was indeed a fake rapture coming and was going to write an article on this fake rapture as revealed in the Blue Beam Project info I had put on my website. But the tables turned. The more I kept thinking there was going to be a fake rapture, the more the Lord kept revealing to me that the rapture was indeed a real rapture, it would just be denounced as fake by everyone else. Whoa. I had some re-thinking to do.

     One of the first things to always keep in mind is that the government will let information slip and be released to the public but they always add lies into it. This way people think it's all true because some of the information supplied really is. And in this instance, if they condition enough people to believe in the possibility of a fake rapture coming, then most people will just assume that when it happens, it's a fake. A clever deception by Satan himself covering his bases ahead of time.

     The only thing next on the agenda other than wars and cataclysmic events is the Rapture of the 144,000. And yes, most of the churches will reject it as a true rapture because most of them aren't taken and are still here. They won't see themselves for what they are, apostate and left behind.

       Who makes up the Bride of 144,000? They are "They which were not defiled with women; for they are virgins. These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever He goeth. These were redeemed from among men, being the first fruits (first ones taken) unto God and to the Lamb." (14:4) This army is a mixture of men and women. They are virgins in the fact they were undefiled by the world's religious Jezebel system and spiritual adulteries. Feminine terms are often used in relation to spiritual terms. "They were not defiled with women" being religious whores and abominations.

     The Bible also says,  "And in their mouth was found no guile (Strongs 1388: craft, deceit): for they are without fault before the throne of God" (14:5) I'm sure the 'craft' being mentioned in Strong's is referring to witchcraft itself. How many ministries today are delving into witchcraft with their visions and angelic visitations? Most prophetic ministries and those who claim to have prophetic gifts are being deceived by the angel of light himself. These will not make the first group of 144,000 no matter how gifted yet confused they are. The craft will keep them out. Even those following after these leaders and adopting their practices and false teachings are guilty by association.  A remnant will wake up to repent and realize they were deceived to qualify for and make the second group of 144,000 sealed here on earth as indicated in Revelation chapter 7. The rest will die as marytrs or be divinely protected by Yahweh Himself such as the Jews who will run to Petra for protection.

     It's going to shock a lot of believers to have to wake up and realize they were sitting in errors, and so badly, they were rejected as part of the bride. When the Lord comes back for His bride they are found without guile. They are not apostate, and they are not drowning in the errors of witchcrafts and delusions that so much of our church is today. Neither have they rejected the commandments and especially the first commandment to not have other gods before Him. Most of the believers today DO have other gods before Yahweh. They worship Jesus, when He told us to worship the Father directly. It was made possible through His sacrifice, that He is our mediator between God and man. But how many people just worship Jesus directly replacing God with Him?

    Yahweh said, "My sheep hear My voice and they know Me and I know them." If you don't know His voice, then you are not His sheep. It's that simple. And you learn how to hear His voice by seeking Him and building a personal relationship with Him alone and spending time on learning how to. 

     Many people also replace God with their Bibles, their churches and their pastors. They think they're doing everything right as a believer when they've instead put those things as idols and gods before Yahweh.

      I've been shouting about it for a long time, to not place anything between you and God Himself. To go to Him direct to learn from Him, and to learn how to hear His voice. On that day when He comes for His bride, the time will be over, and if you are left behind, then you will have another chance to be part of His elect second group of 144,000 or the chosen, but most will have to prove their love for Him in martyrdom. Most don't understand that there's three groups of believers. The bride, the elect, and the chosen. Which group will you be in? Which one will you forfeit because you won't heed the warnings now to get out of the delusions and false teachings of the churches? The Bride is the first fruits group of 144,000 of Revelation 14.  Many will forfeit this group because they are found in guile and will have to repent of their sins if they want to make one of the other two.

    Many will just forfeit heaven altogether. They won't be able to withstand the temptations of joining Lucifer's kingdom or they'll be afraid to die at the guillotines and choose the mark/chip instead. I see it in the codes all the time, people forfeiting their salvation and place in heaven.

     This coming rapture, deemed a fake by most in the world, will be the fuse to ignite the second half of the tribulation period.

     The world will be in a panic with many wondering if it was a fake NWO rapture or a massive UFO abduction, naturally they will denounce it for what it really was, the rapture of the 144,000 of Yahweh's bride. 

     The Bible Codes indicate that the "snake" in office, will issue an explanation for the vanishing and disappearance of people around the world. The apostate church left behind will not believe it's a real rapture. They believe whatever explanation and lie he gives for their vanishing. See the code at http://www.sherryshriner.com/sherry/code.htm

    I believe this will split Christianity in two. Those who believe it was a rapture and those who don't.

      This will drive a wedge between the church to serve Yahweh's purposes even moreso to weed out those who are of Him and those who aren't at all. So either those left have a hard wake up call to face or they're blind to the end. It's up to them because the beast prophets of Satan's will be working overtime to convince and persuade the churches that the rapture was not a real one and that the Antichrist is the Messiah. They are working in cohoots with him to deceive the masses. They are working with him just as much today as they will be later, and that's why so many will be left behind, they can't see it.

   Years ago when I was battling this whole issue of pre, mid or post tribulation raptures I began to just pray and seek the Lord about it. At the time I was a big believer in a pre tribulation rapture, growing up Baptist it was the standard quo. But I knew there were problems with it, because to believe in it and accept it you're ignoring other Scriptures that negate such a thing. When  you have to ignore Scripture to prove a doctrine in Scripture, then something is wrong. It should all fit together, not contradict.

     The Lord showed me that the church of Philadelphia would be spared from the "hour of temptation that would overcome the world." What is the hour of temptation? It is the last half of the tribulation period when the mark of the beast is enforced. It is also a time of Great Wrath and His Judgment on the world, especially those who receive the mark/chip of the beast. If the church of Philadelphia is just one of the 7 churches mentioned, taken symbollically that would also show that just a fraction of the church itself is taken. We have all 7 churches symbollically operating today. Notice that only one of them, a fraction, is spared from the hour of temptation that is to overcome the world. The rest of the churches will go through it to be tested, tried, and refined. In other words, they screwed up. They weren't found as being in the church of Philadelphia or the first fruits Bride and the mark of the beast will be used to test them to see where their real faith and loyalty in Him is. Those who suffer martyrdom will be given robes of righteousness. 

      I see in the Bible codes all the time that many, many, Christians will be deceived by the things that are coming. You might say that's not possible, for didn't Jesus say Himself in Matthew 24:24, that the deception at the End of the Age would be so very, very good that it would involve "... great signs and wonders ; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect." In other words, the elect wouldn't be deceived?

     Define elect.

     One of the biggest wake ups I've had in the years I've been decoding Bible Codes is that there will be many believers whose faith fails them and they forfeit heaven. Why?  Because their faith is built on sand instead of the rock of Yahweh and they fall for the charades and delusion to come that Satan coming to earth is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and his claims that he and the aliens are our forefathers and creators.

     And even if a percentage of these people do finally realize it's not the real Yahushuah Jesus Christ, many will not be able to resist the mark of the beast. They will be afraid to die, or they will be deceived by their church leaders that the chip/mark is not the one prophesied of in the Bible. They will believe what man tells them, what their pastors tell them, what the media tells them, and they will receive the mark or chip. Why? Because they loved not the truth and it wasn't found in them.

  How can you be a lover of truth and not seek Yahweh Himelf for it? How can you leave the building of your faith up to a pastor or a church to do? We were warned by the Most High that by deception Lucifer caused 1/3 of the angels to fall with him in his rebellion against the Lord. And again by deception, he will cause millions of believers to unwittingly accept him as God. He did it before and he's going to do it again. All by deception. This deception will take the form of "great signs and wonders."  The Old World Order under the rule of Lucifer that was destroyed by Yahweh,  is here once again as The New World Order.

     The truth is, most people are so cozy in misunderstood and blatantly false interpretations and translations of doctrines and from false teachers that they seriously believe they have nothing to worry about with the events of the last days. They think they know it all and that the prophesied last days events are everyone elses problem because they themselves are going to be in heaven safe from it all. After all, that's been the best selling lie of all time, "get saved and you'll miss the tribulation period."

     Can you hear the Watchmen shouting?

      Wake up and smell the sulfur. 

     Most people in the churches today believe Jesus will come first in a rapture and then the seven year tribulation begins. When the truth is most people won't even know we're in the tribulation until the Antichrist himself arrives and the mark is enforced signaling the Antichrist's War on the Saints.

    Think of the panic it will cause in churches everywhere when people hear of others disappearing without a trace and yet they themselves were left behind. Many will become disillusioned and lose their faith. Others will flock to the churches for answers to be even more deceived by them because most of the church leaders today either don't know what the truth is or have already completely sold out to Satan and are knowingly working with him to deceive the masses. 

    If you're currently following one of these beast prophets get away from them and stop listening to them! Who are they? It's a literal who's who among today's church leaders including but not limited to: Billy Graham, Jack Van Impe, Bob Jones, Oral Roberts, Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn,  Bill Bright, Chuck Colson, Paul Cain, Mark Joyner, T.D. Jakes, Pat Robertson and others. The Beast Network (TBN), the Toronto Blasphemy (they call it Blessing), the "building Joel's army 3rd wave prophets, the Kansas City Prophets, they are everywhere!! And they are leading God's people into witchcraft and deceptions! Notice how popular the angel Gabriel is getting? Even the NWO crowd is using him for their own purposes! Wake up people! It's a DECEPTION!

      Sure there are angels everywhere in today's prophetic ministries but they are NOT Yahweh's angels! Of course they look real and act real but they are not Yahweh's! These are a part of the 'lying signs and wonders' we've been warned about to watch and yet millions are falling for it instead! And when the False Prophet takes center stage, he'll have plenty of support from people to believe his own lying signs and wonders because they're already familiar with them!

      Wake up and smell the sulfur.

      Can you hear the Watchmen shouting?

      That angel of light is deceiving millions. And that's why WHEN the Bride reaches 144,000 they'll be raptured. Because most of the churches today are whores and harlots and won't qualify. Think about where you are today in your walk with Him and do what you have to to abandon the whores and harlots of this world and just get into Him.

     One of the most clever deceptions going on today is the building of Joel's army for the last days. There's millions who think they are going to heaven in a rapture because the angel of light has told them so and has even given them a rank and position in it because they're in Joel's army!! Well Yahweh isn't building a Joel's army He's building His army of 144,000 and if you've bought into that Joel's army one you're already deceived. And no, they are not the same armies. The 3rd wave Beast Prophets are building an army called Joel's army but what it really is is an army for Lucifer disguised to look as Yahweh's army led by those who have been crowned as Knights of Malta serving Lucifer!. Wake up people. Today's deceptions are grandiose and getting worse and worse.   

     Come Out Of Her My People!! Yahweh is warning His people today. Are you listening? The rapture of His Bride is coming, will you make it? If you don't know without a doubt then seek Him to reveal it to you and repent of your participation in today's harlotries and abandon them!

      Time is short.

      Don't be deceived.