How to Love the Most High
By Sherry Shriner

     Love the Lord.

     Yahushua tells us to love Yahweh with all our heart, soul, and mind.

     Mat 22:37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

     Many people say they love the Lord and they don't. It is lip service for most people today.

     Learning how to love the Lord is a process. It doesn't happen over night, it happens day by day. And when you commit yourself to loving the Lord and keeping the first commandment, it changes you, it transforms you and it brings you into oneness with Him.

     When you love the Lord it begins as a complete inner transformation that will extend outward. Love brings peace, happiness, and joy. When the world hates you it bounces off your back because hate can't dwell where love is. Love heals. Love forgives. Love is an energy that others can feel. Love is light and love is strength.

     When you love the Lord you can rise above the things of this earth and dwell with Him through your Spirit daily.

     Ask Him to teach you how to love Him. It is an amazing learning experience and if you are already in the wilderness with Him don't miss out on this one. The Lord calls out those who seek Him into the wilderness to be with Him. A place and time where He teaches you Himself. When He leads and guides you into the truths of Him. A physical wilderness? No. You can be where you are today and be in the wilderness with the Lord. It is a spiritual growth process where you put aside the dogmas of man and the things you have learned and allow and seek the Lord to teach you Himself. He will guide your thoughts, He will lead you to people or places to learn, and you will learn how to hear His voice and the other ways He works. Being in the wilderness is allowing HIM to become your teacher and learning who He is and how He works.

     Some people are so dogma oriented and opinion oriented they will never understand the wilderness, but you can still experience this awesome reality of asking Him to teach you how to love Him.

     Love is a 3 step process.

     The first step, learning how to love him with your heart is where most people are. They love Him because they repented and turned to Him. The second step is learning how to love Him with your soul. That is loving Him with your emotions and learning how to express it to Him. When you learn how to express it to Him you will be able to express it to others without realizing what you are doing because it becomes who you are. Being in love with Him becomes every breath you take and it exhales onto everyone else around you. The third step is loving Him with your mind. The battle of the mind is a daily struggle. But when you love Him with your heart and soul, it permeates your mind and there are less and less struggles between good and evil or between acting in the flesh and staying in the Spirit.

     Spiritual wars are won and lost in the mind. Everything we perceive, everything that hits us or affects us starts with our mind first. If we dwell on something in our mind it then takes root in the soul and heart. But if the root is already strengthened in the love of the Lord what enters the mind that isn't of Him cannot stay, there's no room for it when the heart and soul are full of love for Him.

     Love Him.

     When you love Him you feel His Spirit. That is why most people feel such a down time after they have been in praise and worship of Him. When we praise and worship Him is presence is with us. He fills us with His presence. People like the way they feel then. But then after they stop and go on to something else, they no longer feel His presence as strongly as they did when they were expressing their love for Him. It doesn't have to stop. Dwell on Him. Think about Him. When your mind is on Him you will feel His presence just as much as when you are in praise and worship to Him.

     And if you are never in praise and worship to Him, then start. He loves praise, it shows your heart to Him. He already knows it anyway, but it uplifts you to Him and that is when you will hear His voice the most. Praising Him, worshipping Him, dwelling on Him and thinking about Him, these are the times He will speak to His people the most, or give you a revelation about something. Listen to Him in your spirit for His small voice at these times.

     Learn how to love Him.

     Ask Him to teach you how to love Him.