Mars: What's really going on and why won't they tell you? And why the strong connection to Egypt? And what does Mars have to do with poison, chemtrails and food contamination?

by Sherry Shriner

      The sphinx, the face, the little green men. Historians seems to always have a fascination with Mars and its possible correlations with ancient Egypt.

       I had to really do some digging in the codes about ancient Mars because everything on the front is what is going on up there now and what will be happening there in the future. There is a lot of activity on Mars despite what the powers that be would have you to believe.

      Mars contains military bases, captives, abductees, aliens, humans being held there against their will and more people will be joining them as those caught off guard and kidnapped via the False Rapture of the Blue Beam Project when the Antichrist, posing as the messiah, descends to earth. "UFO's" will be snatching over 100,000 people off the earth to mimmick the rapture that the modern church has been conditioned to believe will happen.

     And who said government and religion are separate. It makes you think that they've been working together all along to perpetrate the biggest hoax of all time. In fact, they have. The pre-tribulation teaching and the Blue Beam Project go hand in hand in working together to make thousands of people disappear, and then the world will witness the arrival of a "Messiah."

     Christians will be in a panic. I see it all the time in the codes. Many people are caught off-guard by these coming hoaxes that they think are actual and real events. Often times Scripture is misunderstood, so many people will learn too late that the doctrines they've put all their faith into were and are wrong. Many believers have egos bigger than Mt. Sinai. They do not seek the truth from the Lord Himself, yet they do not want to be told they are wrong about anything. Most will not even hear of such a possibility even existing. If these believers knew or were prepared for what was coming they would not be described as being in terror and in a panic.

     From my research in the Bible Codes, I learned that the nations on Mars had joined with those on Earth and Rahab in the rebellion against Yahweh. Mars was also judged and destroyed with hailstones and fire just as Earth and Rahab had been. Although spared from being cast out of our solar alignment, it would remain largely a wasteland and most of the inhabitants left would seek shelter underground. With their cities destroyed, they would never be rebuilt to prominence again. The life they had known and enjoyed was over. But they would seek, as Satan did, to corrupt the new creation on Earth with some of their own. They infiltrated in what is now known as Egypt, or perhaps some of their own had escaped God's wrath and Judgment on the earth for its role in the rebellion against Him. The sphinx, the face on mars, and other abnomolies yet to be explained, are all in relation to their brethren on Mars. The terms Egypt - Egyptian - Remnant - Kinsman were intersecting in the Mars Codes   as indicated on my website at hiddencodes.com. Ancient Egyptians were related to Martians. They were of the same seed and heritage.

       Now before you start laughing at the facts, remember the little green men are not Martians. That was created for public consumption. The little green men, also known as greys, are a created species who do the footwork for the larger lizard race, the Reptilians. In short, they are slaves of the Reptilians and are controlled by them.

       Satan had ruled over Mars. Although his home planet was Rahab, Lucifer had dominion over several planets, perhaps even our entire solar system at one time. We know that the Watchers inhabit Venus now and some of the unknown or unannounced planets in our star constellations. Lucifer's specific extent of rule is unknown. And how he relates to the Watchers is relatively unknown. Did he gain dominion over them when they fell? Does he govern and rule over the heavens as he once did? Or did he just retain a portion of what he once had?

       The Bible indicates that fallen angels still inhabit Mars. Also known as Jedi, they are either captives of the planet, have captives on the planet, or both. Either way, Mars is still a dwelling place for fallen celestial races, ruled by Lucifer, and is going to be a stepping stone in the implementation of the New World Order and the role they play in it. There are many, perhaps millions of them, who are not free to roam around the surface of the planet, or to fly around space and visit earth as others can. These fallen angels are held captive chained  inside Mars, which is a hollow planet, and will be released during the end times when Satan is given permission by Yahweh to release them.

       Until this time, many of those who participated in Lucifer's rebellion against the Lord have been chained in captivity. During the last days, Lucifer will finally be able to release these hordes of followers to help him gain control of Earth. They will come from Planet X - Rahab, Mars, and from inside our own planet Earth.

       We really do not know too much about Mars. We know the pictures are always doctored and covered up before NASA ever releases them to the public. We know that the red atmosphere is over-emphasized and exaggerated. Former employees of NASA have claimed that the atmosphere is almost identical to earth's and that there is indeed a great cover-up when it comes to Mars. Some even claim we have military bases on Mars and that the public does not know half the truth of what is really going on up there.

       I donít think we do either. From what the Bible reveals in its hidden layers, there is more going on there and somewhere it's happening between a wasteland and hidden bases where people are working, living, and even being imprisoned.

       The Bible reveals, that Mars had or has pilots, and they can travel throughout the cosmos. They are dimensional. They live on the planet and they can live on the earth or under the earth. Usually most aliens prefer under the earth in underground caverns, even bases, to stay out of the public's eye and the sunlight. Most are sensitive to bright light. Their claims of interdimensional travel are lies, although Lucifer himself does have access to the throne of God to accuse the Lord's believers before Him as the Word says.

     What does the New World Order have to do with Mars?

       We know they have bases there. The Bible reveals it. They are so secret that they are buried under the real space program in Pine Gap, Australia and covered by Black Operations secrecy. If you are familiar with the Blue Beam Project and the fake rapture to take place shortly before they herald their Antichrist as the Messiah, then you will recognize that this is the place those people captured in the fake rapture are taken. The Bible says they will be imprisoned on a base on Mars.

       Mars is also the location of Mabus. The name Mabus was made popular by the prophecies of Nostradamous who predicted a world leader would rise named Mabus. However, he stated that this Mabus was just a forerunner of the real Antichrist to come. In my research, I cannot find any difference between the two. Mabus is the Antichrist. He is the leader, the chief, headmaster of the New World Order. He will be heralded from Mars to the Earth in a spectacular UFO and light show known as the Blue Beam Project. Our government has spent $Billions of dollars to coordinate everything needed to help Satan come to earth as the false messiah. Satan could not do it without the help of his loyal followers, those who are bringing us the New World Order.

       Even the multi-billion dollar International Space Station will be used to announce his arrival to earth via a gramophone so powerful and so loud, the entire earth will hear it. The people of earth will not know where the voice is coming from, except the general direction of heaven. They will think God is announcing the arrival of His Son to Earth, when it's really just modern technology at its worst trying to deceive every person on this planet!


     And what are these chemtrails being spewed all over earth? I am not talking contrails, the trail from a jetliner or airplane as it flies through the air. I am talking about the thick layers of trails being laid across the sky, usually in some form of grid patterns that linger for hours. It's these chemtrails that have been known for making people sick. There has also been an increase in certain diseases, such as fibromyglaya and others since the rapid emergence of heavy chemtrail spraying in the skies over the past ten years. Little white planes have often been seen as the spewers of these chemicals. Aerodromes have also been seen.  In the codes, I discovered that the white planes were associated with the United States Navy and funded by the Oval Office. That would link the NWO agenda to chemtrails since no one in the past 30 years gets into the Oval Office that does not go along with the agenda, and not all information is even made available to the President. Much of what the NSA (National Security Agency) implements, does not even have to be approved by the President or Congress thanks to a sleight of hand in legislation that makes them unaccountable. They simply fall through the cracks of accountability, and everyone looks the other way. Anything secretly funded by the Oval Office would just go through the NSA.

       So what is the purpose of the chemtrails? There are several. The aerosols being sprayed make the air more conducive for holographs. Through HAARP they can make holographs of angels and Jesus appear in the sky and people would think it was real. How good is it? Just ask all those who have fallen for the Virgin Mary charade all these years. That was just practice.

      And of course the NWO agenda just wants to kill you. They call it population control. It's really known as murder. Barium, aluminum, and other contaminates and poisons that have been analyzed in the chemtrails we are breathing are breaking down the immune systems of people worldwide. Flu epidemics break out, and they blame it on something else, when it's really the air you are breathing from the chemtrails. They are nothing less than bio-attacks from the sky. Read what the Bible reveals about Chemtrails at my hiddencodes.com website and who are responsible for them.

      Descriptive terms associated with Chemtrails from the Bible include poison, toxicant, drug, death, venom, contamination, evaporation, entrails ( intestines, digestion), asthma, sky, daily, cripple, disable, dimensional, butane, arsenic, altitude, arid, bad, severe, acute, serious, evil, wickedness, atrocious, and ill.

        It's not just affecting people, but our animals and land as well. Our meat is being contaminated, and our soil is getting saturated with chemicals. How long will it be before we can no longer grow our own food? Perhaps that is why our government has been trying to artificially create fruits and vegetables, and why they came out with genetically engineered foods to begin with. They know more than they are revealing to the public. Are they all involved? Is it one huge conspiracy to kill mankind? No. Only the elite in the NWO agenda really know what is going on. The "lesser, unenlightened" people only know what they stumble upon, or what they are told, and never being told the whole truth. This includes government branches, agencies, scientists, health officials, everyone and anyone that is not a card carrying member of the Luciferian loyalist NWO.

      The government is compartmentalized for a reason. The government as a body contracts out services to the different members of the body, but the arm never knows what the leg is doing and vice versa. They keep everything in pieces so no one knows what the puzzle is. But they cannot fool God. And He is revealing their hideous dark agenda and plans, their sinister plans of murder, starvation, famine, and disease that they are perpetrating upon mankind in conjunction with what the aliens on Mars are doing to us. This is, after all, the home base of Mabus, who will lead the NWO into a global government from which he can rule.

        Much of the technology considered as "black" is alien technology given to our NWO leaders to use to help implement their Luciferian agenda, along with global control and tracking. If they cannot kill you, they will always know where you are. The GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) system is just a beginning and conditioning to get you used to the idea of being tracked. If a phone call can be traced, and then the phone, the next step is the person himself. Chips, chips, everywhere chips. And eventually, into every human will a chip be required.