666 and the Phony Seal of God Club
By Sherry Shriner

     I'm horrified at the sheer revelation.

     When Yahweh gives you a revelation it's to not only open your eyes to something, and teach you something, the Spirit quickens you so that you KNOW it's from Him and you FEEL it. You feel the revelation. It sinks into you, and you never forget it.

     I was working on a Bible Code for the 144,000 mentioned in Revelation chapters 7 and 14 and I kept seeing the term prophet, and I was thinking at the time, "that's not one of God's prophets."

     And then the Lord gave me a revelation of how today's well known Pastors, Evangelists and TV Religious Icons will be used to promote and encourage the Seal of God to their listeners. Only this isn't the real Seal of the real God, this is the Seal of Satan, the Antichrist, who comes claiming he's God backed by our entire church congregations and denominations as the real God.

     I could never give this spiritual revelation that He gave me justice. For hours I was just speechless to describe how I felt and what I saw when I was shown how massive the deception is today and is going to be even moreso in the near future.

     Most of us knew this was going to happen. But to the extent it's going to happen is just amazingly deceitful and bothersome. It's all being played out and finely tuned even as I write this. Last year Pat Robertson had the chairman of Digital Angel on his 700 Club praising and glorying over the technological advancements of insertable chips.

     And you can see it every Sunday. Your Kenneth Copeland's, Benny Hinn's, Paul Crouche's, Billy Graham's, T.D. Jake's, Paul Cain's, Rick Joyner's, these and all the other of the Beast Prophets of the Third Wave Leaders, Toronto Blessing, Vineyard, Word-Faith Movements,  a literal Who's Who of those who are leading our churches and people today with books, videos, congregations, and doctrines from the Vatican and Lucifer himself. They've been lead astray into doctrines of demons and worshipping and teaching another god that is not the God of the Bible.

     Most of today's well known religious leaders have hundreds of thousands of followers. And they're not leading them to the Most High God, they're leading their followers to the pit of hell. Most of our religious leaders today are 33 degree Masons, Jesuits infiltrating Protestant denominations from the RCC, or Knighted in Secret Societies and have sworn their allegiance to Lucifer.

    Yet those sitting in their congregations or listening to them just don't get it. The lights are on but no one's home. And Yahweh allows them to sit in these errors and in front of these wolves because they're disobeying His commands to study the Word for themselves so they know what is truth, and most importantly, to seek HIM. And if you confront these people they claim they are seeking God. Well they couldn't be or they wouldn't be supporting these wolves with their money and presence in their dens of devils! Once you learn what they are, don't walk away from them..RUN!

     A lot of people have this false view that once the Christians are raptured off the earth then the ones left would simply have to learn on their own from left behind Bibles and videotapes what's going on and that the man claiming he's God is really Satan as the Antichrist.

     That's the conditioning the churches have sold and enslaved entire church congregations with over the past 1,500 years or more. For the truth seeker who prays and studies for God's truth, he or she knows that 100 years after the last apostle died that a mass exodus of the truth left the churches and deceptions and lies entered. Constantine and the Council of Falsedumb (Nicea, 325) sealed the fate of real truth ever being allowed into the churches and began a flood of centuries of falsehoods, lies and deceptions into the churches. And the church never recovered. It just got worse and worse. Yet many are so arrogant to believe that this would never happen, or happened at all. 

    What most don't see coming is that all these Beast Prophets will join together and claim that the Lord (who is really Lucifer as the Antichrist) has arrived to build his kingdom on earth. That they were left behind to be witnesses of his arrival. They are God's last days army otherwise known as Joel's army.  But they are neither. They are Lucifer's army, so if this isn't a wake up call to those following these beasts now, I don't know what can be.

     The Bible says Yahweh will put His Seal and His Name in the foreheads of his special forces battalion of 144,000. Also the believers on earth will have His Seal in their foreheads during the tribulation period that He gives to them to protect them from His wrath on the earth to come.

     Meanwhile, Lucifer comes playing as God. However no one will be calling him Satan or the Antichrist, our church leaders, religious figures, government, and the media will be calling him God who has returned to earth to establish his kingdom on earth. And when have all these various groups ever agreed on anything?

     The Beast Prophets, those leading many of our churches today (they are beast prophets because they are loyal to Satan the Beast, not the Most High God), are not sealed as part of the 144,000,  and will all be heralding Lucifer as God and that his arrival means victory over "Satan and his followers."  The TBN network and all those who outright reject the Most High God will have their God here, and they will praise him, and promote him, and encourage those listening to them to accept this descended Lucifer as God.

   These Beast Prophets will declare that those who refuse to accept this God, are enemies of the Lord and of His kingdom, and they will encourage and welcome their deaths. They will go after the true believers in Yahshuah Jesus Christ and call them Satanists and seek to have them killed!!

    They will proclaim the "Lord Yahweh" is here to establish His kingdom on earth. And to show your loyalty to this (phony) Yahweh God, and to enter into his Kingdom, you must have his seal, "the seal of God, or His name, or His number that symbolizes His name" (Rev. 13:18) in or on your right hand or forehead.

     For those who don't want to join this (phony) God's kingdom, they will be given a choice, take the seal/chip/mark or die. To beef up the anty for support, anyone who refuses to join (phony) God's kingdom will not be able to buy or sell anything. You won't be able to buy groceries, pay bills, sell a car or even a shirt without this sign of loyalty. You won't be able to drive a car either. You would be homeless and without transportation or food. Nor would you be able to get money out of the bank or cash a check

     You will be an outcast, eyed suspiciously, and considered a Satanist and a reject. And others who notice that you don't have God's seal will inform the   "Joel" army and have you arrested.

     These people will be rounded up and killed if they refused to join this (phony) God's kingdom.

     So quickly the tables will change covers.

     One minute you're a Christian believing in Lord Yahweh and the next they're calling you a Satanist because you're refusing (phony) God's Seal. And there will not be an uproar. Most of the people sitting in churches today are deceived while their leaders are already preparing to welcome the Antichrist as God. They are purposefully and willingly working their part of the last days agenda to bring the Antichrist to power and they're conditioning their congregations all the way to the pit of hell to receive this Seal of the Beast. 

     Initially there will be much confusion among those here who weren't taken as part of the 144,000. They will feel betrayed by the real God not understanding why they were left while their church leaders will be ushering in this phony God's kingdom with zeal and tenacity. They will proclaim joy and celebration that "God" is here, false miracles will be performed to substantiate his claims that he is God and he will win the hearts of many.

     But if you belong to the real God, you will know that it was their deception and your own that caused you to be left behind to begin with. You will know that the Bible forbids any mark or chip or tattoo on or in the right hand or forehead. You will know that to join this kingdom of Lucifer's is really giving and forfeiting your soul to Satan and that the Beast Prophets are lying.

     Many will refuse to join this phony God's kingdom and give their lives as a result. But they will know that refusal to worship the phony God will mean eternal life in heaven for staying faithful to the Most High God.

    Satan perverts everything the Most High God does. He'll have his own fake rapture, his own fake descent to earth, his own fake sealing, and his own fake kingdom. And none of it will last longer than 42 months. Three and a half years is allotted for him to deceive mankind.

     Don't be deceived!!