Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep:
And Pray I Wake Up Alive

by Sherry Shriner

     There's a black technological phenomena that's been sweeping this country over the past several years and most dare not mention it. Because they don't really know what it is or how to explain it.  And they fear to be ridiculed.

     And the government likes it that way.

     Hard proof? None. But it needs to be brought up and it needs to be exposed and although there's no hard evidence that what I'm saying is true, I'm here to give you my word that it is the truth and that there's thousands of people being affected by it, and that's all I can give you.

     Sleep Abductions

     No, not by aliens. Although I know that happens and on a wider scale much more horrible than anyone can imagine. If you're a child you're not safe. In fact, no one is. Every human born is a target for alien chip implants. Ever wake up with unexplainable bloody noses? Enough said.

     Christians and non-Christians alike are targets of this new kidnapping or what I call sleepnapping phenomena. I get tired of hearing from Christians that "it can't happen to us." Because it does. And all that does is back believers in a corner and intimidate them not to talk about what's happening to them, because they can't explain it, and they don't know why God is allowing it to happen. So they say nothing and try to deal with it on their own, seeking answers and finding very little.

     There's almost nothing the aliens do that our black military and government haven't mimicked already. What is the black military and government? It's the secret hidden separate military and shadow government running in secrecy behind our real military and government. In this instance, black means complete and total secrecy from it's budget to the henchmen and henchwomen that run it.

     From underground bases, to their own privatized military bases, and their own fleet of UFO's, our government has programs running in secrecy that most of the public simply don't know about. It took years for MK ULTRA and MONARCH to hit the public consciousness. How many more is it going to take for the projects in operation today? And let it be known that a black project never goes away, it just changes names and goes further underground and further out of the public sight once exposed.

     Stop the Rape

     Many people have told me about being sleepnapped out of their homes at night and taken to places where they see military people. Most of these abductions have several things in common, sexual abuse, rape, chip implantation, being forced to work on computers or in other areas, and then all of it just coming back as memories later they can't explain.

   One person told me they were fully aware the entire time what was happening This person was sleepnapped and taken to a military installation where they were raped by one of the  top military/government officials. After this they then tried to implant a chip in her that would give them a full screen view at all times of what she was doing. She saw the screen and several rows of military people in the room watching the screen waiting for this chip they were implanting to work and fill the screen of what was happening to her. This chip, being implanted by doctors would make her entire life available on a full view screen for them to view at any time. At the time I heard this story my first thoughts were "NORAD." She then described how they said, "it won't work with this one, she's protected."  God was protecting her and not allowing their technology to work in her. But that's not always the case with others.

    It happens and it's happening now, to many people.

     One woman told me how she would wake up in the morning with marks even fingerprints on her arms and feeling like she had been somewhere during the night. She described military and CIA type people who would rape and abuse her and try to "get her under control." And she couldn't understand where these memories were coming from.

     In fact, the more this gets out in the open, the more the stories are being told of these things same things happening to people all over the country.

    I know one woman who would get up in the morning too sore to walk from sleepnap military rapes and for what? Going to bed that night.

     Innocent targets, going to sleep, being somehow sleepnapped out of their beds, abused and then sent back to wake up in the morning like nothing happened to them. These are your daughters, your wives, your sisters, aunts, and your mothers. And don't think it's not happening to men, it's just not as known about yet.

     I don't know how they're doing it, but they are.

     Mind Eraser

     One of the terms I've seen in the Bible Codes that often has grabbed my interest is the term "erase or eraser." Are they using mind erasers on people so they won't remember or be able to give details enough to prove anything they claim? Seems like it. And you thought it was fiction? Where do you think they get fiction from? Things already happening!

     Waking up with bruises, marks, unexplained memories that come sometimes that very morning, or even days later, where you know you've been abused and taken somewhere but you can't remember enough to prove anything and you don't dare say anything because people would think you are crazy. 

     For the most part before you are returned to your bed they have done what they can to erase everything they just did to you out of your conscious memory. However the subconscious memory can never be fully erased and these memories will surface, memories you know are real, and true, but can't explain why you have them.

     Why Does God Allow It?

     I sought this answer for a long time and God had revealed it to me it just took several times over a year for me to finally realize it was indeed the answer. Why does He allow it? Because of sin.

     We are protected through the blood of Yahshua Jesus as long as we are in Him. Being in Him does not mean being in sin. You cannot be in sin and be in Him. If you are going to sleep at night with any unconfessed sin, no matter how big or small, it gives Satan legal access to you whether you're a child of God or not. Through sin we open doorways that he, or the evil ones who work with him, such as the black military, can enter to get to you. And the black op military has figured this out and use it over and over to get access to Christians.

     ELF Made Me Do It

     Are the military people behind this ELF technology much different than the devil himself? It makes you wonder if they're even human. I've written before on the ELF God at http://www.backtoyahweh.com/sherry/elf-god.html and how our black ops use ELF frequencies to mimick human brain waves to the point that people think they are hearing from God. Don't think it's possible? Ask the women who killed their children. Ask the people who write their visions, prophecies and dreams all over the internet claiming they are from Lord God Yehova. Yes, ELF can even create false dreams and visions for you to purview and then tell everyone it was from "God."

     But ELF is also being used to not only deceive people, but to cause them to sin. Another part of the hideous ELF agenda that in this day and age, is even making the devil look lame.

     How many straight kids have gone to college and then came home gay? Peer pressure or ELF? How many families have been broken up because one of the spouses decides to follow a life of sin abandoning the morals they once had? They love to target Christian kids and families with ELF to destroy the Christian homes of America. And while we're busy blaming the devil for all our evil actions and sins the ELF squads sit behind the scenes counting their successes. There's only one place I can think of where this kind of project and operation could work out of that could contain all the sophisticated technology this demands and that is NORAD located inside of Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado.

     So how does it work with the sleepnapping? Easy, they get you to sin before you fall asleep, or get they get you to fall asleep before you pray and can confess your sins to Lord Yehova. They will and can bombard you with thought implants to manipulate weak areas you might have. Acting on these sinful thoughts or dwelling on them, lusting after them, is sin. And if you fall for this without confessing it first and go to sleep, bingo they have access to you. They will trigger you to sin and then they will hurt you. And that's what they're doing to many, many people.

     Arm Yourselves

     If this is happening to you, you CAN make it stop. Arming yourself with the knowledge I've just given you can make the sleepnapping abductions stop. Don't fall asleep with unconfessed sin or you are fair game to their technological weapons and abuse. You've been forewarned.

     Yahweh doesn't want to see His children getting hurt but He can't stop what we allow. Take control of your thought life. Keep your mind in submission to the thoughts and ways of the Lord at all times and submit your mind to Him. If you are under thought and mind attacks utter the claim, "I submit my thoughts to the Lordship of Yahshua Jesus Christ."

     Another way to keep yourself out of their range is to consistently ask the Lord to keep you from evil.

     Christians are under attack in these last days in more ways than at any other time in the history of mankind. Think about it. Why? Because these are the Last Days and Satan wants to destroy as many people as possible with every day he gets because he knows now, more than ever, that his time is running out. And he's going to use anyone or anything he can to fulfill his purposes in any way that he can.

     If you are a visible person on or off the internet proclaiming the Name of Yahshua you are a target. If you are threatening the works of hell and the implementation of the NWO, you are a target. Obviously Satan through our black op military is going to target what he considers leaders and big mouths of Yahshuah. It's a given. Even if you just simply profess the name of Yahshua Jesus you can be a target. But just because you are a viable candidate or target for their evil purposes doesn't mean you will become a victim of them either.   I'm just telling you these things so you can safeguard yourself against the tricks and wiles of the devil, and in this case, those who do his bidding for him.

      Be aware. We Are Under Attack.

     We don't have to be victims, it's not our calling to be victims but overcomers and conquerors through Yahshuah Jesus Christ our Lord in all things.

     Arm yourself with the Word of the Lord and this knowledge He has given you through His messenger.