Alien Deceptions in the Last Days
by Sherry Shriner

      Mayans..were fallen angel hybrids and yet everyone examines their prophecies, known as the Hopi Prophecies as if they were Scripture itself. They were a remnant who escaped from Atlantis before its destruction.

     Folks there is a difference between channeling info and getting it from the Lord Yahweh Himself. The Lord doesn't contradict Himself. The Bible is still relevant today in it's prophecies regarding the last days. Nothing has changed. The Bible, more notably the KJV and latter versions has been mistranslated, added to and subtracted from, but the message remains the same. The birth, life, death, and resurrection of our Lord Stands. The warnings of the last days, Stands. No matter how people want to confuse doctrine such as the rapture, or the lining up of events and how they happen, the fact remains the same that He is returning to destroy this wicked and evil world. He is not coming to help us evolve into a higher vibratory consciousness. Those are lies of the evil one that is coming in Jesus's  name to deceive the world that he is the long awaited messiah.

    There is no dimensional shift coming..only the birth pains mentioned and warned of  in Matthew 24. The earth is in travail, and it isn't going to recover into some utopia garden of Eden on earth for the gullible. You know you are knee deep in Anunaki BS when Scripture is distorted and thrown out to ignore the truth of what it is said. It is being  manipulated and used for their own agenda and when need be, completely thrown out.

   The Anuk are the ones preparing the world  for their arrival, which is referred to as a new dimension. They consider themselves spiritual beings with evolved souls containing spiritual enlightenment. It  is Alien BS..they preach the demise of one regime to bring in their own of Christ's kingdom on earth.  The illuminati's hold on the New World Order must end so their faction can rise and take over. That has always been the plan. I doubt anymore at all that the NWO factions are as divided as they appear to be. Seems to me  now that they are all working in stages instead of division.

   Aliens won't tell you the world is going to be destroyed because of their presence here,  they will blame it on the people of the earth itself and those with negative frequency vibes. Of course those with negative vibes are the true followers of Yahushua who aren't buying their garbage.

    The Aunk are claiming that people will evolve into another frequency and dimension..into an era of soul development and evolving into higher levels of spiritual consciousness and awareness. The continual evolving of the soul is not a doctrine of Scripture but one of christ consciousness and Lucifer's end time game plan to build his fake kingdom on earth as a mimickry of paradise. There is no difference between the New Age, Satanism, or Kingdom Mandate taught in some churches today. They are all the same. They are all working the same agenda about creating a utopia paradise here on earth through our own efforts. We know we can't accomplish that. Only Yahweh can. But they don't want you to know that. They push the garbage that if we all evolve the world will be a better and more spiritual place. It's garbage, it can't happen, it will never happen, and it's deceiving the gullible.

   The Anuk know they can't establish their dreamland here with billions of naysayers who know what they really are, so they will "cleanse" the earth of those who reject them and claim at the same time that these people are moving on to a  higher level of consciousness. The same one they are developing on earth? Then why don't they leave them here?

   That is how they will masque the planned deaths of billions of people on earth with their technological weather weapons, diseases, afflictions, famines and general mayhem. Not to mention the war on the Saints that is coming.

    According to the words of Jesus Himself, we're not going anywhere but to judgment, destruction and death. 

    There are two worlds colliding now. The world we live in and the world the aliens are trying to bring in.

   So you either take the Bible for what it says, flaws, misinterpretations and all, but where the message remains the same, or you accept the new Gospel of the Alien freaks.

    Most people are reading or listening to the channelers more than Yahweh. The gospel of the alien agenda is taking over our churches and world being spoon fed and delivered from our pulpits, leaders and shepherds. They have become channelers, people the Anuk are using to speak through deceiving them into believing they are God. They will speak directly through their own followers who already buy into the garbage without the needed religious deception, they give their names as the being speaking through the channeler.

  A Kingdom of Christ is coming in alright..the ANTICHRIST's.

   People claim they know the difference between the demonic or aliens speaking to them and Yahweh and then quote alien BS till the cows come home claiming it's Yahweh speaking to them. Wake up folks! 

   Then they claim the terminology just sounds the same because the aliens stole it. The aliens didn't steal anything. Yahweh doesn't say, "change your vibration level" He simply says, "come to Me."

   Yahweh won't tell you to evolve your soul, He says to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind.

   Yahweh won't tell you to prepare the way for Him so He can arrive, He's arriving with ten thousands of His saints with or without the earth's approval and preparation after the aliens have had their fun deceiving the world for three and a half years.

   Yahweh didn't tell us the kingdom of God was going to be created by jumping into another dimension, He said this earth would be destroyed completely, and THEN He would rebuild it for His reign on earth (Read Rev. 19-21) and He would build His kingdom here with us. We can't do it without Him.

   Anuk BS is rampant folks. It's everywhere. Recognize it and reject it and stand on the Word of the Lord's Prophets who foretold of the last days. Stand on the Words of Jesus who warned us of the "I am a god" theology coming, which is all this evolving soul into godhood crap is, and reject the alien falsehoods created by Lucifer himself.

   Stand in HIM. He is the Word. He is the Truth. He is the Life. He is our Redemption. He alone can save us, we can't save ourselves.

   Below is some excerpts from the leaders of their Anuk packs: This is the same garbage and dribble our religious leaders are picking up on and blabbering from their pulpits today only in their own masked terminologies:

     Some of the chanelled messages by the Anuk:

     Aliens fall in two classes, Enki or Enlil. The Enki are the ones who rebelled in Satan's rebellion and the Enlil are the Fallen Watchers. I could be wrong about the two classes but that's the way I understand them for now. Notice the Anuk faction of the Pleidians don't refer to themselves as Anuk. But they are. They are all fallen watchers.