Tearing Down The NWO Strongholds
by Sherry Shriner

      Chemtrails, Microwave Weapons, ELF (weapons of extremely low frequency), Psychotronics, Aliens, Demons, the attacks against mankind never stop.

     When I first started looking for ways to tear down the strongholds of hell and the NWO, which is almost synonymous anymore, the Most High God led me into orgone.

     What is orgone? It is a natural earth cleanser, healer, and positive energy source. In the last days, the Bible says God's people will do exploits, and I know without a doubt this is one of them.

     Orgone is the name given by Wilheim Reich to this vital energy found on the earth. It is also called "Ch'i,"  or the "fifth element."

     This energy exists, in a natural way, under many different forms. It can be neutral (OR), positive (POR), or negative (DOR).

     Wilheim Reich did a lot of research on the properties and behaviors of the orgone energy in the 1950's. He died in jail, after having his laboratory and much of his work destroyed by the government because they feared the truth and knowledge of orgone energy being revealed and exposed.

     Chemtrails, electro-magnetic (Haarp, cell phone towers, etc.) micro-waves, and diseases are all great examples of negative orgone "at work." Without negative orgone (DOR), these technologies of death cannot work. Without DOR, without negative energy, the new world order cannot operate!

     By using devices built with orgonite, it is possible to eradicate chemtrails from our skies, disactivate the H.A.A.R.P., GWEN, "cell phone" towers and other black operation programs and, at last, re-establish a positive energy balance while healing earth.

      It is also possible to repel the aliens away from this planet, destroy the so-called new world order and regain our human sovereignty over this planet.

     How is this possible? Could the solution really be that simple? Well, yes! Orgonite is a rather new technology, and exactly how it works is a mystery to us. We just know it does.  Orgone absorbs negative energy and transforms it into positive energy, sending it back into the atmosphere as positive energy. And it is easy to make and create.

     Relatively unknown, the use of orgone is gaining recognition for its ability to fight against and dissipate chemtrails. It also stops black project tower attacks, such as ELF (extremely low frequency attacks), and I have personally noticed it will keep remote viewers, aliens, and demons away from your house or yard. I have even noticed bad thunderstorms moving in the area that wreaked havoc on other areas start to dissipate by the time they reached outlying areas I had placed orgone in.

      The orgone, made correctly, even has the ability to suffocate and asphyxiate evil. Evil cannot breathe where there is orgone. I have not only seen the abrupt stop of entities coming in or near my home, but found the use of orgone in the Bible Codes as well. As I decoded orgone I learned that it is definitely a protection device in these last days, so we need to arm ourselves or get clobbered and under attack.

      Sure, a believer in Yahweh can rebuke evil, but if you are tired of doing it all day  and every day, you will eventually learn how to arm yourself with protection against it as He showed me. This will keep it away from you to begin with, so you do not have to constantly go into spiritual warfare against the dark side.

      The orgone gets absorbed into the atmosphere and will dissipate the poisons from chemtrails and keep them away from your area. And since the Annunaki are returning to conquer the earth, it will serve as a deterrent to them as well and keep them from making your town, city, neighborhood, or home their stomping ground.

    Commonly referred to as tower busters, I changed the initial design of them and found a lot more effective uses for them as a result. Since the New Age crowd is adamant on making them the wrong way and using them to attract evil, I changed the name of them to reflect that it is simply not the same product capable of producing the same effects with the way I make mine. I would suggest not only putting these orgone blasters around your yard, but around your neighborhood, town, and city as well.

       If you are a patriot or Christian and you want to fight against the evil being targeted against us in these last days, and even moreso to come, then get involved now and start doing something to protect yourself, your family, your neighborhood and this country. Start kicking NWO butt! All these black projects are designed to make you sick and kill you. In the last days, chemtrails will turn deadly and more targeted to kill entire areas of populations, and when the veil is lifted and Satan is cast down to earth, (Revelation 12) his armies will come with him, and they will hunt down and target believers as they become beast enforcers of his mark, number, and name (Rev. 13:17).

      Even if you do not think you will be here during that time, you can leave protected areas for others to find. Placing orgone blasters near cell and other anomalous towers will help null their effects and strength against populations. Putting them in ditches, woods, bushes, even buried just underneath the surface anywhere will help the orgone to be able to absorb into the atmosphere around that area and protect it.

      What can Orgone Do?

•Eliminates toxins, poisons and radiation from the air

•Defeats chemtrails and keeps your skies clear

•Improves breathing, helps those with asthma

•Promotes natural health, keeps  you from catching every flu virus under the sun

•Knocks out bad thunderstorms before they get to your area, chills out tornados headed your way

•Asphyxiates evil, aliens cannot breathe around it and it burns them!

•Keeps demonic entities out of your home and yard.

•Nullifies the affects of the strong subliminal messaging NWO towers erected everywhere

•Stops ELF attacks

•Helps you sleep better

•Stops sleep abductions

•Emits positive energy, evil cannot stand being around it!

•A defensive weapon in the last days to combat aliens and the NWO

•Stops headaches and migraines, improves overall health

•Those areas gifted with orgone suffered the least amount of damage from Hurricane Charlie

     Bury these in each corner of your yard to keep ELF AND OTHER MIND CONTROL weapons away from your home, not to mention unwanted demons or aliens!

     Also, gift your area by placing them on the ground in bushes, trees, brush, ditches near towers to de-activate the harmful effects of towers. You can even bury them around towers if you can get that close. As long as you can get it within 1/8 of a mile from the tower, then you will neutralize it!

     Some towers may take several orgone blasters to combat them. Put them in your bedroom, on top of your monitor, and on top of your cable box. A 5oz home orgone generators is best for these places. Put one in your car, carry a mini one in your pocket. There are tons of places you can put them. Stop being a victim of the New World Order and their attempts at mind control, and destroy mankind with their disease causing poison chemtrails and high tech silent weapons.

     Protect Your Home From Silent High Tech Weapon Attacks!

     Today, many people are getting into the silent war against the NWO agenda. Christians are being called into the war. The Lord has given us a defense mechanism in orgonite to protect our homes, yards, neighborhoods, counties, cities, states and our country. It's one step at a time and one tower at a time.

     Do your part to help us take our country back from the Satanists and NWO crowd.


Is Praying Enough?


      Spiritual Warfare cannot be fought without prayer. The Lord has armed us with His weapons of warfare to fight against all the tactics and strategies of the devil.

      But what happens when man attacks us? Is prayer enough then? Intimidation, harassment and persecution have always been tools of the devil to use against God's believers. And in these last days we have seen high tech weapons formed and prospering against God's believers. But does not the Bible say no weapon formed against us shall prosper?

     Taken in a spiritual sense, that is exactly what it means. But in a physical sense, there are many of us daily who are suffering from ELF and other types of high tech weapon attacks. Don’t you take medicine to combat flues and illnesses? Orgone is a natural healer. The Lord had been stopping these attacks for me for years until He showed me a way I could prevent them from happening to myself.

     For those who have suffered the affects of ELF attacks, you know how painful it is, but the fact is that by the time you are praying for God to stop the attack, you are already in a lot of discomfort or pain. Now we can prevent them from happening to begin with! The Lord has shown me that orgone will keep these attacks from happening.

       Orgone is a natural healer and there are various links on this website (http://www.tearingdownstrongholds.com)  where you can read about the work Wilheim Reich did with orgone. But it is not  just a natural healer. It also serves as a repellent to sickness and negative energy.

       And since Satan is the king of evil and negative energy, his attacks via the spiritual and physical realms are stopped and defeated by the positive energy orgone creates.

      Positive energy and negative energy may sound like new age talk until you realize Jesus spoke about the very same things every time He spoke of His people being the light of the world (positive energy) and Satan being the darkness (negative energy).     

      For those of you who understand the power of anointing your home and repelling demons from entering it, orgone works the same way and produces the same effect effortlessly. Of course it does not replace an anointing of your home, but it is a wise secondary tool to have. It works as a repellant to negative energy, therefore, keeping it out of your home or yard, and it will work against the negative energy spewing from towers and transform it into positive energy, thereby, nullifying the affects of these towers against you.

      Protect your home from being saturated from unwanted subtle mind control messaging from the towers. Protect your home from demons or aliens walking in your yard at night, or from even getting into your house at night. Protect your home from invasive remote viewers sent to harm you or spy on you. Protect yourself from ELF, EMP and other types of attacks, all from a simple natural earth product called orgone. And once you see the power of it in your home, gift your community with it by placing it around town in obscure places, best if buried, but if not possible, throw one in a ditch where it can be naturally buried by mud and water, or place it some place obscure where it will not be found. You can protect your entire community from the harmful effects of the towers, and we are finding (those actively placing orgone in areas) that these little orgone creations are nullifying chemtrails as well.

      The poisons in chemtrails are making millions of people sick every year and causing the rise of cancers and diseases among the world’s populations. These chemtrails are a global problem, and no one is stopping them because they are part of the NWO agenda to depopulate the earth. Stop being a victim to all this madness, and do something about it!!

       The Lord has shown us what to use to defeat the tactics of the NWO and the devil, and the Lord is raising an army, one person at a time, who will help themselves and then their communities. Many brethren are already involved. Join us and do your part in slowing down and eliminating the harmful effects of towers and chemtrails in your own area. Think of the lives you are saving from sickness, disease, mind control, and high tech weapon attacks. Get involved! Do something to help tear down the strongholds of the New World Order and the devil!

      Do not let yourself become enslaved by them, and do not be foolish enough to think it will not affect you, because it already is as you drive to the store and see these towers erected everywhere.

      Get involved!! Do your part to help yourself and those living in your area from being affected by these towers!

       Seek the Lord, and He will guide you and tell you where to put them!!

        Start Today!!

       You can buy them at http://www.orgoneblasters.com or you  can make your own.

       How can you make your own? It is easy:



Clear Quartz Crystals - 1-2 inch are best so you can place one inside the coil, and I put smaller ones around it as well. The more crystals the more power.  If you have smaller crystals, put 2 inside the coil and one on each side of it. 

Metal Shavings - shredded aluminum and copper or shredded titanium and copper. About 2/3 aluminum or titanium to 1/3 copper. I add pennies at the top for an extra copper power boost. Using pre-1983 pennies are best. You can get creative here. You can get metal shavings from metal shops that sell them, or you can use bb's, or cut up steel and copper scrubbies from Walmart or the Dollar Store. The kind you clean pots and pans with etc..they're easy to find. Cut them up in 1/2 inch pieces.

Copper Wire - you can get small roll packs of copper wire at the hardware store. About 18 gauge or smaller. I use 18 gauge.  Cut off about 4 inches and wrap it around two fingers clockwise and make it coil. Then slide it off and set it into the center of your pan or cup.

Resin - I use auto bondo fiberglass resin. It's easy to find at anywhere that sells auto parts. Even Walmart has it. You can buy a quart or a gallon. It comes with a small tube of hardner. It's easiest to mix the entire thing at one time. Then try to guess proper amounts of the resin/hardner to use. You can get 12 muffin pan OB's out of a quart. Do not mix the resin till you are ready to pour it. It dries quickly and will get lumpy and hard if you do not use it right away after putting the hardner in it. Do not mix the resin in plastic. It gets too hot and dries much faster in plastic.  I use old aluminum coffee cans.

12 cup Muffin pan or 3oz. dixie cups. I prefer the muffin pan because the paper is noticeable on dixie cups when tossed into woods or wherever.


      With vegetable oil grease the pan. If you are using dixie cups, the cups will not come off even if you oil them. Preferred method is muffin pan.

      To keep the resin from drying too quick just add your ingredients first. Then pour resin over the top later. I spray the pan; put all the ingredients in each muffin hole, and then pour the resin over the top of the holes all at once.

      If you are using pennies for extra copper power, place one in the center of muffin hole and add some metal shavings on top of it, the coil and crystals, then a little more shaving on top of that. (If you are using a gallon at a time mixed up you might want to prepare the muffin tins first. The resin can dry and harden before you get to it otherwise. A gallon can make 36-48 OBs.

      For the coil cut off about 6-8 inches of the Copper wire and wrap it around 2 fingers clockwise and slide off placing the coil in center of muffin. Place some copper shavings around the coil, and add 1-2 crystals inside the coil. Looser, wider coils give me more power than tightly wound coils.

     I like to put crystals both inside and around the coil.

    Fill to 1/3 of top of muffin pan with the ingredients.

    Pour resin over. Let it absorb; then pour more resin over it to fill it.

    Let it dry. Probably about one hour. Then take out of pan. Let them dry longer.

    Make in a well ventilated area, outside or in a garage.

   If you are mailing them, wrap them in foil.


            Let's get the word out!!