To Serve Man: The Aliens Are Coming
And They're Cannibals!
By Sherry Shriner

      Consider this: A warning of the future from the past given in a short episode on TV in 1962.

     An alien visits the earth. He says they've come as friends, and they desire to help the earth and set up reciprocal visits to their planet. The aliens have noticed that the earth is plagued by both natural and un-natural calamities, and they only wish to help. They offer a new power source, an end to famine, and a force field to be used as a defense shield. The alien states, "We wish only that you simply trust us." As he departs, he leaves a book behind.

     At this point, the decoding experts for the U.S. government go to work. A man named Chambers is part of a team assigned to translate the book, which turns out to be a most difficult task. While he is discussing the situation with several army generals, his assistant Pat rushes into the room with news that the title of the book has been deciphered. The title reads To Serve Man.

       Meanwhile, the delegates at the UN watch a film of several tests given to the alien. It's basically a lie detector test, and the results show that the Alien is making truthful statements. He repeats his motive of coming to earth only to offer help.  The countries of the world offer their thanks as deserts become gardens and armies are disbanded. Next we see people standing in line to board spaceships as the reciprocal flights to the Alien's planet begin.  They are weighed upon entry, and speak of upcoming events as we would speak before embarking on a vacation.

    Chambers and his assistant, Pat, discuss all the recent events. They note that there are no more codes to decipher, that nearly 2000 Aliens are now on earth, and how easily man decides to go off to a strange planet. In fact, they are both on a waiting list to go. Although Chambers has given up on deciphering the book, Pat states that she is still working on it and getting close to a translation.

    Chambers is now in line to board the spaceship. As he is ascending the steps, Pat rushes up desperately trying to get his attention. As she is held back by the Aliens, she warns Chambers, "Don't get on the ship! The book, To Serve Man, IT IS A COOKBOOK!"  A struggling Chambers is forced into the ship.

       Chambers is taken to a solitary room. He is offered a meal, but he tosses it on the floor. An Alien enters the room, picks up the meal, and gives it to Chambers stating, "Eat. We would not want you to lose weight."

       Chambers faces the camera and speaks directly to us.

       He says, "Whether we are on the ship with him or back on earth, it does not matter; we will all be on the menu.

       I could not say it any louder. We will all be on the menu!!

      This was a short episode of the Twilight Zone played back in 1962.

You can read about it at http://members.cox.net/kaiotea/serveman.htm

       Most people are going to just think, well what do you expect from the Twilight Zone. When I read it, all I could think of was, how prophetic.

       I have been sounding the alarms for over two years now that the aliens are not our friends. They are hostile carnivors, I refer to them as cannibals out of preference since when they are not trying to possess humans they eat them. And when they do invade the earth, there will be plenty of famine here because of the natural disasters and wars that happen before their arrival. And yes, mankind will be on their menu.

     According to the Center for Exploited and Missing Children, over 300,000 children per year are missing. That does not include adults. And other than this being mentioned on a milk carton it's quietly swept under the rug away from the publicís eye. The aliens aren't going to come to eat humans, they already are. It will just get worse when they arrive and there is no food to feed them. They will feast openly on humans, human body parts, and yes, this will happen in America.

   The Lord has told me over and over that it will be a time of sheer terror, and the things that I have seen will cause exactly that, sheer terror. This illustration on the Twilight Zone, in fact, gives meaning to some of the things I've already seen about what is going to happen. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

     Unless you are found without guile in Yahweh and counted as worthy to escape all these things, you could indeed be a  recipe in the alienís cookbook.

     And they cannot wait To Serve Man.

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