Planet X, Sedna and Toutatis
Signs in the Sky - Armies of the Antichrist
By Sherry Shriner     

      In the Bible Codes, Planet X is found in Ezekiel 41:11. The Codes reveal that Planet X is the former home of Lucifer. Planet X is just an alias for the real name, Planet Rahab.

       In Isaiah 14:9 it says in regards to the Antichrist, "Hell from beneath is moved for thee to meet thee at thy coming: it stirreth up the dead for thee, even all the chief ones of the earth; it hath raised up from their thrones all the kings of the nations.”

       Isaiah is talking about the entrance of the Antichrist onto the world scene. Will his entrance be marked with the entrance of Planet X at around the same time? They appear to be related.

       I thought it remarkable that the term Planet X would have the term Hell running straight beside it.

        It is returning to Earth in these last days. Why?  For thousands of years it has been carrying millions of the angels who joined in Lucifer's rebellion against God. It is a hollow planet, and it has been their home and prison. In these last days Yahweh will allow their release and they will come to earth to help Lucifer gain worldwide control as the Antichrist.

       The codes reveal Planet X is a habitation of evil and wickedness, a prison, a stray and errant planet that is returning to earth to rule and cohabitate with mankind. These beings are not friendly but hostile Draconians and Annunaki who will help enslave mankind, enforcing Satan's rule.

      Who are the inhabitants of Planet X? The Draconians and the Annunaki. The Draconians are also known as Dracos or Dragons. The Annunaki are known as Watchers. The Watchers are cannibals and are 7 to 8 feet tall, whereas the Dragons can very in height. The Watchers are tall, blond with blue eyes and human looking. The dragons are black, scaley, have wings on their backs, and are grotesque and ugly.

      These are the beings, along with the scaly lizard reptilians and the greys that will roam and rule the earth with Satan.

      In the summer of 2004, I had a vision of a huge rock, moon, planet (whatever it was), and it was approaching the southern part of the United States. And then something else of the same (another moon, rock, whatever) came up from behind it and headed east! I bet this was it! I bet Yahweh was trying to tell me that Planet X was changing directions! I do not know what it was. It was coming up from behind, but this object I was seeing passed it and headed east!

       A few weeks later, I went into the codes and found that in regards to Planet X it revealed:

Alignment - Venus - East - Babylon

      Planet X is here!! It had changed directions as revealed in my vision! It must have been X because you can see it early a.m. in the mornings when Venus appears in the east.

       I found this cluster:

Lord - Yahweh - Coder - Sherry - Shriner - Babylon -

Unmasked - Revealed (Nibiru) - East - Babylon


      There are several terms I looked up to detail the inhabitants of Planet X:

            Jedi - Genesis 1:2

      The Real "Return of the Jedi  are not forces of good or light. They are evil. They are the Watchmen who fell from grace in a rebellion led by Lucifer against the Most High God (Isaiah 14:12).

      Some of the clusters found:

Ancient - Watchman - Origin - Genesis - Mutiny - Revolt - Rebellion - Insurrection - Seed - God

Habitation - Dwelling - Solar - Space - Hovercraft - Planet - Earth - Nibiru - Hostile - Archenemy - Evil - Wickedness - Planetary - Stray - Errant

Angel(s) - Cherub - Rahab - Planet - Satan - Nibiru - Habitat - Home

            The terms Rahab and Nibiru intersect with each other. They are the same thing, just other terms used to describe what we call Planet X.

Nibiru - Earth - Advent - Coming - Arrival - Returning - Ruling - Cohabitation

       Notice it is "returning" because it was here once before

       When Yahweh recreated the earth in Genesis 1, it had already been sitting barren and empty for thousands of years. We really do not know how long we just know that earth had a thriving angelic habitation here and that is why you will hear of Atlantis and some of the other civilizations that lived here before the earth was destroyed.

      When Yahweh replenished (re-created) the earth and created man in his own image to dwell here, Lucifer came to earth, saw what was happening and, from that time, has set out to destroy man because he was envious that God had created man in His own image. Lucifer wanted to be like God and God had created man in his own image. The battle lines were drawn. From that point on, Lucifer would do everything he could to destroy God’s creation and those created in His (God’s) image.

      Those being held on Lucifer's original home planet, known as X, Nibiru, or Rahab, have been prisoners since the rebellion.

      In the meantime, Lucifer has been using the other alien races that escaped being imprisoned to prepare mankind for the arrival of the imprisoned ones who will serve as the armies of the Antichrist.

      One of their tactics has been to speak through people in what we call channeling. Through channeling, they claim they want to help mankind, that they are our ascended masters, that their arrival has a spiritual significance,  and anything else they can try to use on a gullible population to believe their lies.

      But the truth is that they do not plan on coming to share with and enlighten mankind on a better way to live, they want to destroy earth and destroy mankind! They are not planning to cohabitate with us on this planet. They fully intend to rule planet Earth.

      In the codes, the Annunaki are found in Genesis 25:32 and they are found in other verses as well. I have focused on this particular code.

      They are also known as Jedi or Nephilim

      Who were the Annunaki? They were the Watchers, Watchmen assigned to earth to watch over Yahweh's Creation in the Garden of Eden and Earth.

      It was because of them that Yahweh destroyed the world with a flood. But even after the flood, more Watchers kept revolting, and they were also punished and cast out of heaven losing their first estate and habitation. They continued to defile women and human DNA (Genesis 6:4) as the previous Watchers.

      This hybridization and corruption of the human DNA is still very much a part of our world, although the giant defect has been corrected, and most hybridization goes undetected.

      Why is the church silent on UFOs, Aliens, abductions, implantations, and forced breedings?

      Some of the clusters I found:

Annunaki - Assigned - Gardenland - Eden

God - Creation - Watchman - Keeper - Gardenland - Eden - Mutiny - Revolt - Rebellion


Annunaki - Cherub - Angel - Seraph - Disgrace - Dishonor - Shame - Disgraceful - Mutiny - Rebellion - Revolt - Forfeit - Forfeiture - Retribution - Punishment - Yahweh - Lord - God

      These Annunaki are not our creators. As you can see, they themselves were created beings by God in heaven and were assigned to watch over the earth. When they rebelled, they were cast out of heaven, their first estate, but were allowed to remain in the first and second heavens and inhabit other planets and star systems who visit the earth in UFOs.

      Many of them also have underground bases here in the earth. In the following years many believe the Theory of Evolution will be discredited from the very founders themselves and their pawns. Those working the New World Order Alien Agenda will then promote through Government Disinfo Scientists that mankind was created in a test tube by these Annunaki and that these Annunaki are our creators. This is part of the grand illusion and lie at the end of days.

      These Annunaki are also known as Nephilim and several other names. Instead of preaching the truth, our churches changed the truth to lies and preached the "Sons of Seth" façade, changing the truth of Scriptures. These angels were the Sons of God who rebelled against Him. Our churches also took the Book of Enoch out of the Scriptures to hide this worldwide hybridization and the truth about who these aliens are and what they are doing. 

      Another dominant faction of the Aliens, are the Draconians.

      The term Draconian is found in Genesis 1:27 and this was funny because I stumbled on a cluster that detailed a few terms including.

Sherry - Shriner - Troublesome - Nagger - Noisy

Warfare - Combat - Dragon - Draconian


      Well, I am always up for ruining a dragon party or plan.

      Dragon and Draconian are relatively the same terms. Draconian means dragon. Yahweh is raising His people up to fight against them, sometimes referred to as Dragon Slayers. We do not need weapons of their warfare. We have our own.

      While working on this code, the fun was just starting. It seems there is much more to come.

Sherry - Shriner - Thrilling - Annointing - Overpowering - Shocking

 Ohio - Lineage - Provenance

      I presume it's not only the orgone surprise we have waiting for them when they arrive, but the fact that I was able to decode them and expose them before they even got here. Within the same code I found:

                    Nibiru- Army - Residence - Home - Dragon

Carrier- Transporter - Demonic

      This is more confirmation that Planet X,  Nibiru, is a carrier and the home of the dragons and it is bringing them closer to earth for a showdown. They are the armies of Lucifer, the Antichrist, who will help him conquer and control the earth for 42 months. They are hostile, violent, and evil.

       I've been sounding the alarms on this for years. Babylon is America, and they will conquer and control America just as revealed in the codes:

IN BABYLON (America) - Capital - Conquered

      Just because they are going to conquer our country does not mean we have to lie down and make it easy for them. Fight Back! Orgone asphyxiates them. They cannot breathe where there is Orgone. Check out my websites at http://www.tearingdownstrongholds.com   and http://www.orgoneblasters.com

     What does orgone do? The codes reveal:

Sabotage - Disaster - Annihilation - Orgone

 Toxicant - Poisonous- Asphyxia

      The codes confirm that aliens cannot breathe where there is Orgone. Protect your home, neighborhood, town, city, state!! 

     Other terms associated with Planet X are:

Planet X - Planet - Star - Earth - Judgment - Yahweh - End Time - Hell


     This Planet will be used by Yahweh to fulfill His judgments on mankind described in the Book of Revelation:

Earth - Pole - Shake - Upturned - Old Testament - Pentatuech - End Time

     As this planet gets closer and closer to earth, it will disrupt the balance of our planet and solar system, causing cataclysmic events and a shaking of the earth, which indicates a possible pole shift.

            These clusters were also found together:

NWO (New World Order) - Babylon - Mobilization - Doorway - Opening

 NASA - Nuclear - Missile - Naval (does NASA try to destroy this planet)

Rebel - Attack - Authority - NASA (the inhabitants of this planet will attack the authority of NASA)

NASA - Bewildered - Furious - Infuriated (NASA is dumbfounded, not what they expected eh?)

Cruel - Interferer - Tyrannous - Inhabitant


      When will our government stop playing the games and being played as fools by the Aliens? Will it be too late before they finally see this?

      The destruction and fiasco caused by the coming of this planet will begin the full mobilization of the New World Order.

      Once you see this planet arrive, the arrival and entrance of the Antichrist is closely following, and we are already seeing its presence in the eastern skies in the early morning hours.

      In the Book of Revelation, the Bible details horrible judgments and plagues, famines, earthquakes, wars, water contamination, and much more inflicted upon the earth after the arrival of this planet and then subsequently the Antichrist.

      Hailed as a Man of Peace, the Antichrist will bring nothing but destruction and death, and this is literal, not only because of his economic policies he enforces on the world, but because by bringing in his armies to help him enforce these policies, the entrance of their planet (carrier) destroys our planet in the process.

      The Aliens are coming! Sure they've been here all along, but not like they are going to be!! Millions of Anuk and Dracos helping the Antichrist take over the world! Do not be fooled, Lucifer does not need man's armies to run this world when he has got his own immortal armies! The only way to defend yourself against their evil, violent, cannibalistic 8 foot selves is with and through Yahweh!

      It is the Anuk who will help enforce the mark of the beast, and it is they who will persecute and exterminate anyone who refuses to join Lucifer's one world government!

      The men of old, the men of renown, will have returned, and they want to destroy you. 

      If you have backslidden, then get back with Yahweh. If you are on the fence, get off it.

      The end days are here.

      Yahweh told me, "The world has run its course; the prophecies of old will be fulfilled."

       Time is ticking.


 Sedna the Moon

      In the Bible Codes, Sedna is found in Genesis 31:44, and it reveals that Sedna is a moon following Rahab:

Rahab - Moon - Double - Following

      It's a moon of Rahab's and it's following behind it which means the "Planet"  directly in front of it is Planet Rahab-Nibiru-X, the Planet NASA officially denies even exists. Although they acknowledge Sedna, they refuse to acknowledge Rahab.




       Toutatis can be found in Genesis 41:35

       NASA says it is an asteroid, another reason to never believe a word NASA says.

       What does the Bible reveal about Toutatis?

       Toutatis, like Sedna,  is another moon-satellite-luminary of Rahab, albeit a runaway and fugitive one, but it is associated with Planet Rahab and just like Rahab, it is hollow and serves as a prison for Dracos.  Currently it is just spiraling through space out of control.

Toutatis - Rahab - Moon - Satellite - Luminary - Fugitive - Runaway - Courier - Hollow - Angel - Draco - Prisoner - Mutiny - Revolt - Rebellion - Genital - Pubic - Crime - Guilty - Imprisonment

       What is really interesting about Toutatis is that it's termed a runaway, fugitive, perhaps off course, perhaps a renegade group of Draconians. Either way, its presence and arrival are threatening to the world and Babylon (USA), and the USA may nuke it and split it in half. 

       Will they tell the world it's a literal battle against Aliens to stop their approach to Earth? And are these Jedi purposely trying to come to earth or is this 'moon'  just out of control and orbit as to where they are suppose to be and are on a collision course with Earth? Some estimate its next brush with earth to be in 2008.

       Toutatis is clearly not an asteroid. The terms asteroid and comet do not even come up in this code. What is interesting is that the terms satellite and luminary seem to strike me the most as in relation to Toutatis than the term moon. Why that is, I do not know. The Hebrews grouped all three terms under the one term for moon, so it could actually be a moon or just something similar but not quite a moon itself.

Toutatis - Off-line - Divided- Runaway - Fugitive - Babylon (USA) - Nuke - Split - Menace - Threatening - Intimidation - Nullify - Jedi (another name for fallen angels)

       One thing we do know is that many objects are coming closer to earth. Many fallen angels have been imprisoned in these moons and planets, and they will be released from their prisons in these last days to help Lucifer conquer the earth as he masquerades as the prophesied Messiah. 

      Some of the names for fallen angels include Aliens, Watchers, Jedi, Dracos, Draconians, Anuk, Annunaki, Reptilians, Enki, Enlil, Nephilim, Gibborim, and Locust. Some people call them demons but they are not demons. According to the Book of Enoch, demons are the spirits of the dead hybrid children of the Nephilim allowed to roam the earth. Demons are spirits and operate in the spiritual realm. Aliens have bodies, albeit usually grotesque because they lost their angelic beauty as part of their judgment.  They can shapeshift - morph- transform - into human bodies and look human.

       I do not think they will be worried about looking human once they arrive here in full force. Many are cloaking today to hide who and what they really are, but when the veil is lifted and Satan comes to power, they will just be as they are and who they are.


The Coming UFO Invasion, The Arrival Of The Antichrist, Satan's Seat, And Other Events Put Into Perspective


       One of the things I have seen in the codes many times is the "pavilion," the Antichrist "Jesus" will rule from when he gets here. It could be a rebuilt Solomon's temple, or it could be something else altogether.  

      If it is the rebuilt Jewish temple, it is regarded as dishonorable and shameful because it negates and denies the real Jesus i.e., Yahushua's death on the cross and perfect sacrifice for our sins. Rebuilding this temple is a mockery of Him and what He did for us and is blasphemous. The fake Jesus who comes will approve this temple being rebuilt (obviously because it's blasphemous), but then he will overthrow and negate the treaty that allows this and sabotage and rule from it himself.

      Another interesting aspect is the increase and dominance in the codes of this coming alien invasion with the Antichrist. They are his armies. And right now they are ruling behind the scenes, and guess where this Draconian seat is? The Vatican. Yes, the Draconians (dragons) are running the Vatican.


       Ok not a big surprise to a lot of folks that Satan's seat is the Vatican. Satan is a dragon. And if that is where the Draconians are, then that is where Satan is. And that has also been revealed in the codes.

       Keep an eye on Planet X, Rahab. As it keeps getting closer and closer to the earth, remember it is carrying the armies of the Antichrist. They are coming to earth, the veil will be lifted, and people will be able to see these aliens for what they are.

      Will the Antichrist rise from the United States? He could, and it is likely and dominate in the codes that he will and I think it's one of the biggest surprises in end time events because it's something most people expect the least to happen.

      The churches keep their flocks focused on Europe, or over in Israel, everywhere but here. And the codes reveal that America is the DOMINANT home of the Antichrist, unless we can prevent him from staying here because of orgone distributed all over the country and dispersed, absorbing into the atmosphere and making it impossible for the Antichrist and his armies to stay here.

      There are several routes being played with different end time scenarios that are possible. These coming events are like a card game. We know the final outcome, but we can watch it unravel and the days come to a close as the events play themselves out.

       The Antichrist rising from the United States is a definite card that can be played. And right now it is the most dominant card.

       Most people do not think the Antichrist will come from America  because the churches and prophecy gurus tell them that the Antichrist is going to be a religious leader because he masquerades as "God.”  Therefore, they believe it will be the pope or a religious leader rising out of the Middle East.  Or some will entangle themselves with the European Union façade as the crowns on the beast of Revelation 13:1-10.

      But what I am seeing over and over again in the codes is that the Antichrist is an ECONOMIC LEADER and that agrees with the same things I have found with the N.E.S.A.R.A program where I have revealed that it is the political and economic agenda of the Antichrist.

      It is his political and economic platform when he comes to earth, and he will use his sidekick, fellow beast, the false prophet to enforce. It will also be what the aliens, the armies of the Antichrist will be doing: enforcing the policies of the Antichrist on mankind, showing no mercy as they do so.

      The False Prophet is going to be the religious beast and cheerleader of the Antichrist. The Antichrist is going to be Economic.

      The Antichrist is not proclaimed as God until he dies and comes back in a charade of UFO's, which is his demonic alien army bringing him in as God as the world looks on at this UFO invasion spectacle. But of course, it will be heralded as angels accompanying him or our ascended masters. The government will also have a hand in it with a holographic display and space station theatrics to escalate the drama of his arrival.

      The churches and prophecy gurus teach that the man who is to be the Antichrist will die and then come back to life and return as God three days later. But I am finding this event of his return could be weeks, even months later, and not three days.